Why I work at the Y.

When I first got my job at the YMCA I figured it would be just any old job, not too exciting. I figured I would stack up a few other yoga studios in the week and find a yoga studio that felt like home. What I didn’t think was that the Meadowlands YMCA would be just that. My home.

The first few months teaching at the Y I had just two classes. I picked up a few subs here and there but I didn’t have any interest in committing to more classes there. Yoga teachers teach at yoga studio’s. But more and more I started to see familiar faces and familiar smiles at the YMCA. And even though I loved teaching and taking classes at yoga studios I hadn’t felt one that I clicked in. I had bosses that were nice but they were so focused on making money that the joy in teaching got sucked out of the studio. Teacher schedules were getting moved around like pawns. Some studios didn’t even want you to have a “following” in fear you might take their students. Some wouldn’t let you work at other places in the same neighborhood. Now this was about 2 years ago and after moving back east from Chicago I was blown away by how much things in the yoga world.. What happened to spreading the joy and spiritual journey of yoga?

Well maybe I haven’t found my yoga studio yet, but I know that I found my home. 

It is the Meadowlands YMCA. Month was after started the opportunity came for me to pick up five yoga classes. Day after day I started to see a community building that I was a part of. They people that come to the Meadowlands YMCA for yoga are so full of love and joy and even forgiveness for me not being the most perfect guru individual. They taught me that it is ok to laugh and to be myself in front the class and make mistakes and be silly! I started to find my voice as a yoga teacher because of their warm hearts. We chat after class, talking about what we have learned and what we hope to achieve. We became a family. 

When it comes to bosses, mine is the best! Michelle listens to my ideas and helps me make them happen. In fact because of her I became and aerial yoga teacher. I cannot speak enough abourhow blessed I am to have her as a boss. Her spirits bright, energetic, and contagious! 

The YMCA is huge and the people that work there are fun and kind! 

One of my favorite things that a new person who entered our class said after, I love how there is no sense of intimidation in your class. That was the best thing I could even hear! And I learned it all at the YMCA.

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  1. I also work at a Y. In fact, both my husband and I do. My husband has been there since 1993 and I since 2017. It is such a wonderful community and family environment. I love working for the Y! So nice to read your story too!

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