“Spirit Says” New Podcast

Are you ready to start feeling like yourself again!! Listen to the podcast with the two chicks that get it! The “Spirits Says” podcast.

Healthy Mindset, Happy Life!

The Spirit Says podcast, found on Spotify, Anchor and Google podcasts, is an uplifting podcast that will help you understand the ins and outs of your beautiful mind and recreate the life that you want to live. Lori and Chris (that’s me) have deep conversations about spirituality and getting in touch with your unique human spirit. We take you through the parts of our life journeys that brought us to an awareness of our own mental health, leading to personal growth and contentment.

Spirit Says podcast will help you lasso up those uncontrollable toxic thoughts that put you in a head spin and knock you off the pathway to success. We are here to help you! 

The Hosts of Spirit Says: How we met. . .

Lori and I (Chris) met in high school in Queens, New York. I was drawn to Lori from the start when I saw her walking down the block on the first day of school.

I was a nervous teen that wouldn’t get out of my Dad’s car, too scared of what could go wrong. I had been bullied in 7th grade and new schools became “not my thing” after that. I looked up from my trembling hands to the outside of my dad’s car window and saw a girl walking down the street.

She was confident, the heavy winds of Rockaway Beach blasting her hair this way and that.  Her opened button down baseball jersey flew back behind her like a cape. On her face was glowing smile. Some people have resting-b-face, she has a resting-joy-face! From the line in the movie, When Harry Met Sally , I thought to myself, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Two days later we met on the bus ride home. I caught her laughing at me making fun of a big buff jock licking a tiny cherry lollipop. The rest is history, note passing in between classes, hours laughing at McDonalds, late nights in Manhattan screaming Alanis Morisette lyrics at the moon and even dating best friend boyfriends. 

As we grow older together, our kids forming a sister-bond themselves, we knew we wanted to collab together on a project. A podcast seemed like the best venue for us chatty gals. 

But what about?

How did the Podcast Come about?

We are both spiritual minded beings with individual paths. In between making each other bust out laughing to tears we would have deep conversations about meditation, yoga, religion, and the pathway to happiness. Out of those conversations Spirit Says emerged. 

Spirit Says podcast is filled with the joy of friendship and that love and respect that two women have for eachother and mankind. This is the driving force behind why it is such a fun and interesting podcast to listen to. 

What is the Podcast About?

In Spirit Says Episodes we deep dive into subjects like conquering negative thoughts (episode 2) and what being busy in a healthy way means (episode 3). We talk about the effects of meditation and yoga practices and break down what yoga really is. It’s not just what you thought it was! 

What you will learn. . .

You will gain knowledge on inspirational yoga gurus and authors. You will learn how to empty your mind and become more present, taking in every moment of life. And you will have two silly non intimidating girls to take you on the way towards deepening your spiritual path. Think of us as your friends that want to chat with you about deep stuff that matters! 

Easy to listen to. . .

We are an easy listen because of our down to earth nature and love for sharing and helping others. You can listen to us while you are in the car, cleaning, cooking, or you need a break from TV. If you find yourself full of brain chatter and need a positive boost and guide to changing your thoughts to a calmer path, please join us.

When the Spirit Says Podcast Airs

New Episodes of the Spirit Says podcast are released Tuesday mornings before the morning pancakes hit the griddle. 

Listen to Spirit Says on Spotify, Breaker, Radio Public and Google podcasts. 

Email us a [email protected] to let us know what you think and send us questions that you want us to talk about on the show.

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