My Husband Came To Yoga!

My biggest supporter in my yoga career has always been my husband. In fact in 2007 when my husband and found each other, love at first sight kind of stuff, he new my passion for yoga and that I wanted to become a yoga teacher. So what did he do, went out and paid for my yoga teacher training! (what a catch!). That experience changed my life forever. I still swear by my training but mostly the teacher’s that guided me through it. I will talk more about their magic in a future post.

 My 200 hour training transformed my life. Besides getting a deeper understanding of my yoga practice, anatomically and spiritually, I unpeeled layers of myself connecting with a deeper source of inner magic. It was as though my teachers had sprinkled fairy dust all over me. Great changes happened for all in my training, and for me an added marriage proposal. Not that being married in the most important go in the world but finding your person is an experience I had never felt before. And 2 years later our love had bloomed into a beautiful, creative, light. A little girl. Now she is the real magic!

When I first started teaching yoga my hubby was right there, pulling people in, practicing in the front row. Then years went by, and the hustle took over. My husband worked hard at his career passions and providing for his family. It came to the point where he was working so hard that I couldn’t even get him to a yoga class anymore. I wasn’t even sure he believed in yoga although he supported me 100%. Day after day I would go teach my yoga classes, have magical experiences and exchanges with people watching them grow as individuals mentally, emotionally, physically. I watched as they moved easier and smiled brighter.They would tell me how much yoga has changed their life in a positive way. Yet I couldn’t get my husband to step foot in a yoga class, my best friend, my biggest supporter. 

Then it happened. One day getting ready for teaching, I started to think about my husband and how hard he was working, that maybe he felt overwhelmed or lonely. And even though I had tried to get my hubby to a yoga class many times, I knew, as I scrubbed the shampoo in my hair that today was the day he was going to join me. Instead of my usual, “Babe, you have to come to yoga” moan, I stayed in the natural heightened energy that I was feeling at that moment about the class I was going to teach. I said

 “Babe, come to yoga today, I think you’re really going to have fun in this class.”  

We were going to be building up to bird of paradise in yoga sequence I had created.  I always feel like it is a ridiculously, funny and quite challenging pose. I thought he would have a hoot. I know my husband is always up to challenge himself and with fun on the invite how could he resist. He moaned in a way that he was reluctant but would do come anyway. I Ignored his minimal resistance and kept it upbeat. Since he also made a promise to himself that he would start to work out this week I did have and edge on the situation. And we were off. Him making playful banter in “the struggle is real kind of way.”

We entered the class to a sea of beautiful spirits, and to join those spirits with my hubby I felt so grounded. I remembered how calm and connected I feel teaching a class especially when he is in it. It felt like home. 

I asked if he minded if I told everyone he was my husband. He said “yes”, but I heard “no”. As soon as he started opening some of the shades for me and I was all too familiar. So  I announced, “Just in case you see me acting mean to this gentleman it’s ok because he is my husband.” The class, being familiar with my sense of humor, laughed.  

My husband lay his mat all the way to the left of the room as I faced the class horizontally. 

The feeling arose in me.


My husband needs no extra attention as he is very comfortable with himself and naturally strong and flexible. I was able to let him do his thing while I focused on some of the new students. As I watched him from the side of my eye I felt like a fairy flying myself, spreading joy and light. He looked amazing! 

At the end of class I can tell he felt invigorated. I asked him how he liked it and forgetting where he was, he wacked me on the bum and jokingly said “Oh, it was awful”. I knew that meant he loved it.   He immediately realized what he had done amongst and audience of students and giddily apologized. I was just happy to see his glowing smile. I wanted to hug him and spin him around the room.

After teaching my second class he shared with me his experience. He said he noticed that he wasn’t as flexible as he used to be but that he felt strong. He made a little video for his site sharing that he wanted to do more yoga.

I am so proud of him that he came to this awareness within himself. Awareness is the most important thing you can find in yoga.

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  1. I love it! Your yoga classes are always a true experience. Now I am full of hope that my husband will come to your class one day, too 😉

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