A Simple Yoga Practice!

SImple Yoga practice

I am so excited to bring you this simple at home yoga practice! With the busy lives that we have in today’s world it can be hard to fit yoga into your schedule. That’s why created this simple, not frills, yoga video that has everything you need to fit great yoga practice into your day! Yoga is a great way to feel calm and centered in your body and let your true loving spirit come alive! Have handy a nice bottle of water so you can sip anytime you need to. Take rests and pause the video at your pace. You don’t need all the props, but a blanket might be nice for the knees. Don’t worry about how much space you need! You only really need a space the size of a yoga mat. Have fun and be kind to yourself in your thoughts. And, oh yeah, breath long beautiful breaths! and focus on them, especially if the mind feeling too active.

I really hope you enjoy this practice and I would love to hear what you think! Please sign up to https://beintheworldyoga.com/ and leave a comment or question! Our goal is to bring yoga into your life so that you can live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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The light in me is so honored by the light in you!


Christina Maldia

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