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There are so many benefits to meditation. It is a simple, yet powerful tool that can help you reduce stress, control anxiety, and calm your mind.

The core of a meditation practice is focus and repetition. Focusing on breath, repeating a mantra and releasing negative thoughts create a relaxation response in your body.

Today, we are offering you not one but two free meditation gifts. Aside from reducing stress and calming you mind, your meditation gifts will help you in 2 specific areas – One to help you get a relaxed and calm sleep and one shield you from outside negative forces so that you may live your life to the fullest!

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Calming Sleep Meditation


Sleep! We all need it, we all want it, but sometimes it’s not easy for us to attain.

The Calming Sleep Meditation will help you get a full night’s sleep and have you relaxed and rested for the new day.

I recommend doing it every night in bed before you sleep so that it becomes an easy routine for you to achieve. 

The Calming Sleep Meditation will relieve stress and take you on a relaxing journey with your inner world. 

You will let go of tension in the muscles and calm your mind. 

You will wake in the morning rejuvenated and refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

Enjoy it and recommend it to your friends.


The Spheres of Protection Meditation will help you banish outside negative energy.

On the pathway to greatness we occasionally encounter outside negative forces. It may be that person that just doesn’t “get” what you’re doing and wants to tear it all down, like they are doing you a favor.

Spheres of Protection Meditation

Boooooo! No, no, no. Don’t let it happen friends!

You made a choice that you want to live a happy and positive life! Dreaming big and achieving your goals is your thing!

Don’t let those negative Nancys or Nermals get in the way. (Absolutely nothing against real Nancys or Nermals). Just nod your head and smile and keep along your path my friend.

The Spheres of Protection Meditation will expel those outside negative forces. It’s is an ancient practice created by great energy healing Reiki masters.

It is very useful when you know you are about to be entering a place that has a lot of negative outside forces. 

The Spheres of Protection Meditation consists of wrapping yourself in five layers that will help deflect and disperse outside negative forces. You will protect and preserve your radiate natural light and spirit.

Use the Spheres of Protection Meditation in the morning, before you get out of bed or anytime you would like. You can use it on the elevator or train to work. No rules here! Just enjoy and live your best life!

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Free Meditation - Calm Sleeping | Spheres of Protection
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