Back to Basics Yoga Routine

Back to Basics Yoga

Having trouble getting back to your daily routine?

Been there!

You create the perfect healthy routine for yourself and do your yoga practice consistently, but then something throws you off track.

…a family event, a new job, a vacay, a week of sickness, the list is endless.

When you are ready to get back to your yoga practice everything you have learned and cultivated in yoga seems so far away. You try to get into your favorite poses but your body feels too tight, your mind can’t focus and your balance is off which makes ya quit in the middle of it!

Fear not my friends, get back to your yoga goals quickly by hitting the basics yoga class first.

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This class reintroduces the essential movements that need to take place in the body before you turn yourself into a yoga pretzel. 

The best part is you know these poses already so you get to take more time to deepen your understanding while you are in them and observe how they affect a more tight you.

As we say, in yoga you must always keep a beginner’s mind. Invigorate your practice and encourage new opportunities to connect deeper with yourself. 

Keep your mind clean slate through this practice and listen to how your body feels. See what thoughts pop up and notice if the voice inside of you is being a cheerleader or an enemy.

And breath my friend.

While flowing through poses connect breath to movement.

These poses here are the poses you are going to want to keep handy in your toolbox. You can learn these sequences and sun salutations and then do the, practically everywhere! 

My favorite place to practice yoga has always been in a park, Central Park to exact. There is something about feeling nature around you and being draped in the earths refreshing air that makes you feel free and young. 

Try these poses at the park, or your home. They are non-intimidating and will make you feel beautifully  rejuvenated!

This class is great for beginners too. If that’s you, don’t be shy! Get on the mat and explore what your body needs!

We would love to have your feedback! Let me know how you feel and what pose was your favorite!

Namaste beautiful friends!

These are some props that will be very useful in this practice. 

2020-07-01 Back to Basics Yoga Routine Pin 03
2020-07-01 Back to Basics Yoga Routine Pin 01
2020-07-01 Back to Basics Yoga Routine Pin 02

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19 thoughts on “Back to Basics Yoga Routine

  1. I remember these moves from my body balance classes. I have never been great at yoga, and for some reason I relate better to body balance, which combines yoga with tai chi

  2. I feel like this is perfect for people starting out or even for people who haven’t done it in a long time and are looking to ease back in.

  3. I started doing Ashtanga yoga recently and I love it! It was a little challenging at the beginning, things are a lot better now…

  4. This is perfect for me. I really want to start my yoga journey but don’t have any idea when and how to start it. Thanks for this.

  5. Yoga is very helpful and useful exercise though..THis idea is really very effective and interesting one glad you shared this with us..Thanks for sharing…

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