Aerial Yoga Classes ~ Teen and Adult classes W/ Christina

Hi all!

Christina M. here! I teach Aerial Yoga At the Meadowlands YMCA. You don’t have to be member to take the class. Members do get a discount for the class. It is so much fun! Sign up today and come hang with me!

To sign up call the Meadowlands YMCA at this number 201.688.3982.

Aerial Yoga is a total body workout performed in an Aerial Silk. It improves flexibility, increases strength, decompresses the spine, improves balance, aids in digestion, increases circulation, combats stress and puts you in a great mood! Do to its meditative benefits, Aerial Yoga can replenish your emotional well being and clear your mind. You will increase your creativity and build on your own artistic skills.

Class Descriptions


Designed to introduce students to the building-blocks of Aerial Yoga at a comfortable pace. You will learn how to balance while supported by the silks, flip in the air, and improve flexibility through stretch. This class also helps gain body awareness and comfort in supported inversions.


Teenagers at any level of Aerial Yoga are welcome. Ages 12-17. This class is meant to inspire creativity, earn cool aerial yoga tricks, strengthen, stretch, make friendships and have some plan old fun!

Classes start each season session and run throughout year:

Tuesdays: Aerial Stretch 10:30 – 11:30 AM

Thursdays: Aerial Teens 6:30 – 7:30  PM

Sundays: Aerial Stretch 10:00 -11:00  AM


Christina Maldia

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