be, in the world yoga Interviews Beauty Counter Advocate, Beverly Khan!! Watch Christina’s clean makeup transformation!

Two months ago an amazing thing happened for me, I learned about Beauty Counter make-up products from my dear friend Beverly Khan! This changed my world completely!  I had been on the search for a makeup line I could wear without the fear that I would be harming my skin and body for the cost of beauty. I tried many products, but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. The previous makeup products I tried didn’t look right (let alone feel right), and would cause breakouts. Then there is the fact that I’m someone who enjoys makeup to help brighten up my features, but doesn’t want to spend a half hour on a daily routine. In fact I have often used my car mirror in the parking lot as a makeup vanity before popping into a yoga class to teach. What’s worse, it seemed like all of a sudden the makeup I purchased was becoming counter active, throwing ten more years on my age!  No good!

Those days are over. While hanging out Beverly Khan at her house she  shared with me her passion for Beauty Counter! This is a personal care line that she was able to get behind and become an advocate for. Not only does Beauty Counter make your skin look naturally gorgeous, their mission is “To get safer products into the hands of everyone.”

Right away I could see the difference in the quality and feel of the makeup from Beauty Counter. Since Beauty Counter, I don’t have frequent breakouts anymore! I am  happy to say my search for the perfect makeup line is over! I dumped all of my other makeups and just have 6 pieces in my makeup pouch from Beauty Counter that make me look healthy and fresh-faced!

Beauty Counter really knows how to bring out your sparkle! Check my interview with Beverly and hear some of the important info about the makeup you’re using! Watch my face transform as Beverly shares with us tips on applying your makeup! Then click over to her Beauty Counter page to shop and glow!

Thank you so much Beverly Khan for an amazing interview, for introducing me to Beauty Counter and for your heartfelt friendship!

Special thanks and video credit to the fabulous Toria Seetaram!

Namaste Lovelies!

Christina Maldia, RYT, CMT


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