Zucchini Pasta for Dinner!

Zucchini Pasta

Hi lovelies!

Here is my second post for the evening, as promised.

We came home late after my daughters track practice, that we always run and assist with, so we needed something a little quick to make and eat.

Leftover mashed potatoes, a delicious rotisserie Chicken from BJ’s  and then no idea what the third thing would be.

Opened the fridge and staring right back at me – zucchini noodles!

One of my faves, but, I didn’t think I was going to get the other two to buy into.

Looked up a few recipes hoping for gold and I found this!

My daughter loved and we all gulped it up! 


Enjoy the recipe!

I believe that the freshly grated parmesan cheese is key, but we only had hand shredded mozzarella and believe it or not it worked!

Youtube Video from Inspired Taste

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  1. This recipe sounds so delicious and a unique one.. love pasta and surely gonna try this way too..glad you shared this recipe with us..great work though..loved it..

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