How I Evolved

2020-06-18 How I Evolved

Hello friends!

I hope you are finding ways to pull joy into your life amidst this very unusual journey that we have all been on together.

I recently found myself having to learn how to tackle an abundance of new information about the injustices of the world with my own quest for joy. It seemed quite a challenge to balance my mental health, spiritual health, and physical health with new understandings of inequality happening all over the world and at our doorstep.

When I see someone suffering I think of them as a friend or a family member that needs help, and I want to help them.

Not being able to directly help the situation caused a lot of pain in my heart.

For three days straight, my eyes were glued to the news afraid to miss a single thing.

I wanted to see everything with my own eyes so that I can truly understand what I have been missing for years. Then the sadness for what the world is not, overtook me, and I realized that this was going to change me forever.

But also that I wanted it to. 

“What can I do to balance my life in a way that allows me to help human suffering and my own journey towards happiness?” I thought.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t forget just because I can afford to be comfortable in my own life, while others are taunted by fear everyday. I promised myself to not forget that it is my job to do something. 

But can I continue my journey of happiness while caring and learning? 

Yes, I can. And both categories take work and action. 

As much work as I put into caring for others, I can put into caring for myself.

As much work I can put into my own happiness, I can put into helping others.


I came out of my emotional coma by looking at myself and how I was feeling. I realized I could not be useful in any way if I was being controlled by my own sadness.

I observed that my chest was feeling tight.

My eyes felt wide open.

My posture was slouchy and my overall muscles were tense.

I also noticed that I hadn’t practiced yoga or meditated in three days! And I wasn’t eating properly. I wasn’t caring for myself as much as I cared for helping others. 

I noticed, and then I evolved. 

From what was once me, towards the next level of my journey. 

Combining my Individual Truth with the Universal Truth. 

I woke up and meditated.  

I journaled about how I was feeling. 

I practiced yoga poses that my body was calling out for at each moment. 

I went out and marched and chanted…

That “Black Lives Matter”. 

I limited myself to a reasonable intake of news, rather than an obsession.  

I started a new Energy Healing and Meditation class through Udemy. 

I mailed my voting ballot. 

I plan on encouraging my friends and family to vote. 

I plan to use my voice and learn about where I can help. But not on social media. 

I spent time calling my friends and family and sending them love notes through texts.

I spent time outside breathing in fresh air, in areas I can breathe without a mask. 

I cut out all negative social media in my life allowing me to ignore the impulses to feud with a person that does not share my values, that will only bring later regrets. 

I found ways to reduce my stress while educating myself on my yogic journey as well as injustices of the world. I had to take action and control over my life. 

And my work is not done. 

What I’m getting at here is that we do not have to choose between contentment or the good fight.

After all yoga is combining the Universal Light with the Individual Light. 

Find positive ways to make change in your world and change in the world. One is not less than the other. 

Tip: K.I.P. Keep It Positive. 

Namaste Friends!

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20 thoughts on “How I Evolved

  1. Social media can bring so much negativity in our lives. Spending less and less time on it can have a huge impact on out mood.

  2. This is totally an unusual time we are in now. It’s nice to see how you are conscious of today’s going ons, keeping yourself informed, and wanting to give your care and comfort to those who are distressed to be useful Very kind!

  3. This is AMAZING!!! My journey is a lot similar to yours! I have been meditating and doing yoga daily and these really helped me a lot.

  4. It’s awesome that you’ve evolved and you’re trying to change the lives of others as well as create a not as stressful life for yourself. With so much going on in the world, creating a safe space and allowing yourself to be able to breathe and grow while also making steps towards making change is definitely admirable.

  5. Sharing own experience is really good as it is a type of inspiration for every reader..glad to know about your everyday life..Thanks for sharing..Great work…

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