Free Relaxing Yoga Class!!! (Recorded Live on Facebook)

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Did you get to join us?

We had such a blast on facebook live today!

This was a full “quarantine” yoga class! 

It was so fun and sooo relaxing! 

We plan on making this a weekly event and I hope you will join us again next week. 

Funny enough my daughter joined us, taking a break from her “home school” class, in her perfect comedic timing! She was so hilarious, hanging on me like a sloth. I have gotten so used to this because she has been doing “sloth” yoga with me since she was born. 

We are all getting the opportunity to reach out to the people we love right now, whether they are with us, on the phone, in our prayers or just connecting through what everyone in the world is, as a whole, going through right now. 

See this time as an opportunity to connect, to open up and to be real about what you are experiencing with the people that you feel you can talk to. Don’t hold it in. Don’t stay inward. Connect. Be open and honest with yourself about how you feel. And do things that make you feel a little bit lighter, a little bit more you. 

FB Live Free Yoga

I won’t lie, I have had my ups and downs and needed that good cry with my folks. It is what it is and I felt better after. 

Then I reconnected with myself. I read and recited Shakespeare Sonnets, I rocked out to the Cult and rock bands with my headphones on dancing like a manic through the house. I filled up writing pages with random thought just to get out how I was feeling. 

Then I really connected to my surroundings. My daughter, my hubby, my plants! 

Meditated. Created joy filled altars around my house. Lit candles. Listened to yoga music. Expressed gratitude to the great divine for all that have and all that I am. 

We will get through this! 

Take time with yourself and be kind to yourself!

I really wish and hope that all of your loved ones and friends are in good health! 

Kisses and hugs to you all!

Please enjoy these two live videos and let me know what you think! 

Share with us how you are feeling and what you have learned about yourself! 

Namaste Beautiful Friends!

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43 thoughts on “Free Relaxing Yoga Class!!! (Recorded Live on Facebook)

  1. Great Christina, Yoga is important for this period (staying at home) otherwise, we will gain more weight and many health issues. The Free Relaxing Yoga Classes will be supportive for all of us.

  2. I am a big Yoga fan. Always try to do some yoga at least once a week. It is very important to meditate and reconnect with yourself to overcome these difficult times we are going through. Thanks for doing this and see you next week!

  3. I have been trying some of your yoga moves at hone. You make it look easy but it does take some practice. LoL 🤣🥰

    1. Hey Taylor! Glad to hear you’re doing Christina’s yoga. She does make it look easy. It’s 10+ years of practice. I’m also watching her videos to practice the poses. Thanks for coming here btw!

    1. You’re welcome Sundeep. We don’t have plans to do this daily right now but we want to do it at least once a week. You can join our list to keep updated. Thanks for coming!

    1. Although we’re all in a difficult situation, some good still comes out of it. We’ve also seen a lot of generosity from other people. We wanted to make sure we did our part. We’re all in this together!

  4. I haven’t really practiced yoga that much in my life. Maybe with all this free time I should start, I know it has a lot of health benefits.

    1. We’re planning on more live classes. If you like live, just head over to our facebook page. We also have on demand videos if you like that better.

    1. You’re welcome Danielle! We’re looking to doing more live classes. We want to do our part to help out during this crisis.

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