Chair Yoga for Beginners (and my Dad)

Chair Yoga for Beginners

This blog post and video on Chair Yoga for Beginners is for my Father Phil.


Why I Created this Class

My father is the loveliest man. He is the most giving man I know, with the spirit of a wild horse.

The only thing that holds him back from experiencing life to the fullest is the wear and tear on his body he has accumulated from many years of working as a surveyor in the cold harsh winters of New York City. 

As passionate at his job as he was, he would travel back to Queens on the A train with cracks and cuts on his hands and fingers from the long frigid hours in the cold.

For years, he ignored his joint pains, bouncing around large skeleton towers from beam to beam (with the jankiest of harnesses in the eighties until they supplied secure ones in the 90’s).

My Superman

My father is my superman.

He even helped build the new Freedom Tower and remembers feeling the ice breeze against his face 1100 feet up in the air.

This, of course, was an emotionally challenging experience for all workers involved.

His beloved elder brother, Uncle Johnny, built the original (and never forgotten) Twin Towers.

My father received a harness signed by the mayor then, Mayor Bloomberg.  He and his hard working friends were also honored by signing their names on the first of freestanding columns.

Somewhere inside the walls of the Freedom Tower is written the words – PG DG 4E (for Phil loves Dee Forever). Dee is my mother.

After long hours and hard days, my father would come home, cook dinner (alternating days with my mumzy), fix something around the house, or take me to one of my basketball games (or plays) that I was in. He never missed a thing, his eyes always gleaming in the audience.

Over a million hugs and four muscle and joint surgeries later, I am begging for him to do yoga. Of course, given his aches and pain the idea seems unattainable. But, I know he can do it, because I have seen him accomplish amazing things!  

I created this chair yoga for beginners video with my father completely in mind.

(This one’s for you dad!) 

Why Chair Yoga is Perfect for You

This chair yoga class is perfect for the yogi that wants to move…but needs to move with care.

It’s perfect for the yogi that wants to keep pressure off the joints, yet feel the freedom and flow of a hatha yoga class

In this video, we explore the range of motion in the upper body, legs and (lightly) the spine.

There will also be wrist and shoulder stretches (please enter and exit carefully).

We will explore linking the breath and the mind together as self study.

We will collect information about how our thoughts work and how our body moves.

Do this practice everyday and you will receive a noticeable change in your vitality.

I promise you.

All you need is a chair, an open mind, and a friend (that’s me!).

Let’s Dive into Chair Yoga for Beginners

Let’s get started and journey deep into the depths of the amazing you! 

Please enter and exit each pose slowly, and, as much as possible, with the breath.

Please listen to your body and don’t do anything your doctor hasn’t signed off on

A note of precaution if you are someone that can’t stand: There are parts of this video that demonstrate careful standing poses.

However, please do practice the breathing and seated pose. 

Namaste my beautiful friends!

24 thoughts on “Chair Yoga for Beginners (and my Dad)

  1. I have been wanting to try chair yoga. They have it on the screen at the dermatologist’s office whenever I go there but I don’t feel comfortable doing it in that setting. My living room makes much more sense.

  2. Would this be okay for a below knee amputee with a bad back? I would love to try something like this, I’ve been thinking of getting into Yoga but I need to know if it would actually work for me.

  3. It’s truly a remarkable how yoga help us in such many ways we could ever imagine. Loved the post and the video so wonderful that we can easily follow it step by step all the way. Thank you for sharing such amazing yoga experience in a different way.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! These movements look a lot more achievable to me! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Chair yoga sounds awesome! I’ve never tried to do yoga because I’m so busy with my working schedule but I would love to try someday Thanks for this!

  6. I’ve never tried doing Yoga because my joints just don’t seem suitable for all that bendy stuff. This is on another level though and I am going to give it a whirl too.

  7. This idea is much unique and new for me…i haven’t ever tried the chair yoga..but it seems much effective and interesting to do..will love to check this idea out..Thanks for sharing..Loved this..Great work…

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