Beginner Yoga 102

Beginner Yoga 102

Welcome to Beginner Yoga 102!

Now that we have completed a week of doing beginner yoga 101, let’s move on to beginner yoga 102. 

Side Stretch

In Beginner Yoga 102, we continue to take our time moving through the poses with ease.

We will focus on the breath as we move through each pose. This will help us tune in to our body and hear what it is telling us.

“How deep is enough to go into this pose?”

“What does my body feel like in this pose?” 

“Am I breathing?”

“Do my hips feel safe, (my back and spine feel safe?)”.

Cow Pose

We want to take the healthiest route when doing yoga.

As humans, we are in constant battle with the ego. The ego wants to push us forward before we are ready to move to the next level.

If we take our time and listen to what our body and breath are telling us, we will know when it is time to move deeper because our spirit will guide us there.

Downdog Leg up

In the past, there have been plenty of poses that I considered “face plant poses” – crow for instance. It was because I would constantly fall on my face while attempting them…which was actually hilarious.

I wasn’t mentally or physically ready to, as they say, stick the landing. But, over time, I realized that the most important thing for me to do when attempting these challenging poses was to be present at every moment –Using the breath to anchor my mind, and noticing the teeny tiny subtleties of balance, allowed me to soar in poses like headstand and dancers pose.

I invite you to take your time and be with the breath, as you move through these poses…steadying the mind. 

Pigeon Pose

In beginner yoga 102, we are exploring poses that open up the front body and strengthen the back body. Poses, such as Warrior one and Anjaneyasana, will allow you to open up your quadriceps and side body – increasing spinal extension and chest opening.

We will also continue to stretch and strengthen the back body, including our hamstrings and back. This yoga practice will help you build confidence and increase self love. 

So grab some water, a yoga mat and some yoga blocks and we will get started on Beginner Yoga 102.

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Beginner Yoga 102

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  1. Yoga has become very popular here, but I haven’t had a chance to try it myself. Maybe the one adjusted to beginners would be suitable for such a not very sporty girl like me. 🙂

  2. I’ve tried yoga many times before but it’s really not for me. The few times I did it, I even dozed off during cool down. Hihihi. Plus I think I’m just not as flexible as I hoped to be. I wil look into your beginner yoga video. Who knows, maybe I was just waiting for your help.

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